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Delta Kitchen Faucet Repair

28 Jan

I have been away from a working computer for a few days (seems like forever) down at my mom’s place in sunny Florida. I’ve been living the Minnesota fantasy-spending the winter in a warm climate. But let’s get back to work gettin’ handy.

When a faucet drips from the spout it usually means washers (old time) or cartridge failing. The Delta faucet uses a thing that looks like a track ball to balance the hot and cold water. . There are two little washers that are mounted over springs that act as the seal. When these washers corrode or get full of deposits they lose the seal and cause a leak. Fixing a leak in a Delta is not too difficult-no special tools required. For reasons unknown this is my most viewed how to video.

Super Glue to the Rescue

19 Jan

I haven’t had too much success with superglue aside from sticking my fingers together. But I tried it on a plumbing repair with unexpectedly good results. I’ll defer the rant about plumbing products but parts that used to be made from brass or bronze are now made from plastic and they lack the durability.

Fix’er Upper

16 Jan

I guess you could call this a fixer upper. It’s a house with an ocean view near my moms shack in Summer Haven, FL. It was built during the height of the real estate boom but never occupied. Its been through foreclosure, more than once I think and now is a seasonal rental. I don’t think it’s ever been occupied. I’m wondering if they need a handyman. Yesterday on my walk I saw some painters doing touch up on the stucco. The sun and ocean spray are very hard on home exteriors. The smart folks have trees or some kind of breakfront to protect their homes from the relentless assault. Without diligent maintenance this thing will be a pile of rubble in an astonishingly short time. Its always makes me wonder who builds things like this and why

You Can’t Fix This

15 Jan

Spending time caring for my mom at her home in Florida. She has a wonderful little cottage a block off the beach. There is repair work to do but sometimes you just have to step back and take it all in. By tradition we walk to the beach to see the sunrise and return at the end of the day to say good nite.

Plumbing Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know

14 Jan

If its been more than five years since you operated a shut off valve chances are it is so filled with mineral deposits that it will leak when you turn it back  on. In very old valves it can be difficult to replace the washer and valve packing also from the excess deposits. But you don’t have to replace the entire valve. Here’s a little trick that I have used with great success.

Pedestal Sink Repair

13 Jan

I have often described home repair projects like the horror movie. Don’t open that closet door! But you can’t help it. Sometimes when you start a project you let the beast out and its hard to get it back in the closet. Just keep shooting.

Thinking Outside the Gang Box

9 Jan

    When you want to modernize things in old houses size matters. Sometimes old metal gang boxes just don’t have room for the wires and electronics of GFIC switches and outlets. Here’s a creative fix. The alternative is knocking out a section of the ceramic wall and replacing the old box or adding another. Both difficult jobs.

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