Replacing a Moen cartridge

4 Jan

Here’s an example of my mantra “When you do it yourself the tools are free”. If you have a Moen single handle faucet that is dripping from the spout (not from the base-a different problem and different video) a new cartridge is in order. It’s a job that requires a special tool-a Moen cartridge puller- less than $20.00 at the big box store. A new cartridge costs around $20.00 so for $40.00 you have saved the $100-$140 cost of a new faucet-a net savings $60. Even if you only use this tool one time it has paid for itself. Of course after you learn to do this your friends will be inviting you over to do theirs. It’s up to you to decide if your working for free or some in-kind payment. Keep doing that and pretty soon you’ll have you own handyman blog.

2 Responses to “Replacing a Moen cartridge”

  1. Hope January 4, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Hey Max, congratulations on your new video blog! It looks great and provides useful information. I am sure it will be a help to many who will appreciate advice from an expert like yourself. Keep up the great work and I’m sure I’ll be back when something goes awry in my home!

    • maxthehandyman January 5, 2012 at 1:30 am #

      Thanks Hope: If you have any suggestions of projects you’d like to see please let me know.

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