GRR! I hate it when that happens

6 Jan

Do you see a new faucet in this sink? Good, because it isn’t there. Actually it was there but I had to remove it just after patting myself on the back for such a speedy installation. Turned on the water just to test out my work.  It was defective. GRR I hate it when that happens! It seems that the farther I am from home the more likely I will end up with some kind of return. I won’t mention the brand name for slander/libel protection but I’m writing them off my list. It wasn’t a “cheapo” either. Thankfully the big box store has a generous return policy. But that doesn’t cover my time,labor and mileage. I suggested to the cheerful clerk that they should smash this hateful thing before shipping it back to the manufacturer. I wonder if some executive sits in his office somewhere as says ‘an x% (fill in the rate) defect rate is ok’. So I get to do a job twice, once for free as I don’t expect my clients to pay me for installing defective merchandise. GRRR!

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