Inventing Success

7 Feb

One unexpected surprise of my handyman work has been coming up with solutions to everyday problems. Installing and servicing disposers is difficult work. You have to lift, align, and compress the mounting gasket of disposer all in one movement while twisted in an awkward position. Its hard on your hands and back. Handymen use all kinds of methods from piling up phone books to scissor jacks to make the job easier. I’ve tried them all and was still frustrated. I came up with a much better solution using a bottle jack with a special attachment I fabricated. Delighted by my own brilliance I went looking for a tool manufacturer to develop my concept (and pay me $$$$). Commercializing an invention is nearly folly. But by a series of accidents I ended up connecting with a wonderful company, Fast Cap, that makes tools for cabinet makers and wood workers. We collaborated on the development of the jack featured in this video. If I make $100 on royalties it will be the best money I ever made. And as they say on late night TV..”It really, really works.”

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