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Removing Broken Glass from a Disposer

30 May

Here’s a how to on challenging job – clearing broken glass from a disposer. The big take away is to clean glass on the other side of the sink but accidents happen. You can do this safely if you follow the steps shown here.

Off Ramp

10 May

Took down the ramp at mom’s house a few days after she passed away. It came down a whole lot easier than it went up. Rather than try to sell it we donated it to the local branch of the Wounded Warriors.

More Mansfield Toilet Repair

9 May

Mansfield makes a low flush volume toilet that is very popular among condo and townhome builders. It has good flushing power for a low volume toilet but suffers from one  is design flaw. The gasket at the bottom of the flush valve is easily dislocated. The good news is that it is a cheap and easy fix. You don’t even need tools. To be honest I was completely stymied the first time I encountered a Mansfield. Before successfully locating replacement gaskets (now at all big box stores) I had to buy an entire replacement flush valve. I had so much trouble with several of them that I replaced the Mansfield valve with a standard flapper flush valve. But a handyman is just a guy who screws up enough times to finally get it right.


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