Passing Gas

27 Jun

I just couldn’t post a photo about a dangerous situation involving an unsecured gas line without presenting a safe, secure and relatively easy fix. This fix is made much easier with a hammer drill and masonry bits. A hammer drill literally pounds the special masonry bit into the wall. I have a combination drill which is a hammer drill, chisel drill and rotary drill all in one. A single function drill is cheaper. Either kind, it’s a must have tool. So are masonry bits. Normal wood bits will be destroyed by trying to get them to work on masonry surfaces.

I’m sorry the lighting in this video isn’t studio quality, but to rationalize, it adds a look of cinema verite.

I am not sure how I am GONNA do it but I’m GONNA stop dropping my “g’s”. That greek dude put rocks in his mouth. It’s bad enough that I have the Minnesota thing, donch know.

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