More Plumbing Secrets “They” Don’t Want You to Know

29 Jun


In a previous post from my little plumbing shop of horrors I did a bench demonstration of how to repair a leaky shutoff valve by swapping the stem rather than removing and replacing the entire valve. Here is a slight variation on that theme shot in the field. This job was made more difficult by the location of the shutoff valves-under the utility sink. Whenever possible you do not want to have to replace sweat joined copper fixtures like this one. I’ll show you how to do that on another video when an opportunity comes along. This fix avoids that difficulty. However, there was no way to be sure that the problem wasn’t a crack in the brass casing of the valve. Had this repair failed it would have been necessary to replace the entire valve.

A couple of relatively inexpensive tools make this job much easier: the handle puller and the stem puller. Also the use of stem packing material is demonstrated. This is rightfully are more advanced DIY project . In the beginning I show the valve in the ‘off’ position and it is not leaking. If you try this repair and get stuck you can always put things back together , shut the valve off and call the plumber. However before you begin you will need to shut the water off at the main unless you want to wash your floors.

As always if there is some project you’d like to see me try please send along your suggestion.

You CAN do this and save yourself a big chunk of change.

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