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Man Cave?

2 Jul

Not too long ago I saw an invitation to submit pictures of a mancave to some kind of contest. I don’t recall now. And then there is this show on TV where a bunch of guys show up at your house and convert empty space into a man cave. This is mine. I guess. There’s no big screen TV or mini fridge. In fact this workshop is so small I have to step outside to change a drill bit. But I have repaired and dissected a lot of stuff here. Handyman lives by spare parts so I will often strip parts from stuff that I have had to replace. I’d love to have a big workshop like Norm Abram has on The New Yankee Workshop. But woodworking guys need a big space. I do have a nice, well-lit garage for big projects but I live in cold country so its not available year round.  Still a guy can dream

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